Michael Doube: Research Outputs 2001-2015


Doube M, Yen SCW, Kłosowski MM, Farke AA, Hutchinson JR, Shefelbine SJ (2012) Whole-bone scaling of the avian pelvic limb. Journal of Anatomy doi:10.1111/j.1469-7580.2012.01514.x

2004-2007 PhD project

PhD project on the predilection sites of third metacarpal sagittal condylar fractures in 18-month old Thoroughbred racehorses, at Queen Mary, University of London, using scanning electron microscopy,confocal microscopy, DEXA, pQCT and µCT.  Supervised by Prof. Alan Boyde and Dr Andy Bushby.  Experiments conducted in collaboration with ERNZ, IVABS and GERA as part of the GEXA project.  Funded by a Horserace Betting Levy Board Veterinary Research Training Scholarship

2002-3 Mc3 Study

Periosteal modelling labelled with calcein Quantification of bone adaptation in exercised vs. non-exercised equine third metacarpal by image analysis (published in the New Zealand Veterinary Journal) Click image for more information.

2001 BPhil project on tenocyte nuclei

3D Confocal Imaging of Equine Tenocyte Nuclei Bachelor of Philosophy study, supervised by Professor Elwyn Firth at IVABS,Massey University: Equine Tenocyte Nuclear Morphology Visualised in Three Dimensions by Confocal Microscopy. Click image for more information.

2001 Actin in equine tenocytes

Tenocyte nuclei and actin Alpha-Smooth Muscle Actin in Equine Tenocytes:  A 3D Confocal Study.

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