De-reversing a Vaio SZ Touchpad

My Sony Vaio SZ650 is pretty nice. It's light, has lots of features and is generally reliable. However, like many of these people my touchpad makes the cursor go backward sometimes. This apparent cursor reversal results from the touchpad's mapping rotating 180°, so the scroll area is on the left and upside-down. Reversal appears to be random, occurs at boot or resume and continues for the duration of the session. Other abnormal cursor motions have been observed but reversal is the dominant feature.

Vaio SZ notebook users have suffered from electric shocks emanating from the palmrest, which unusually is made from aluminium instead of the more usual plastic. The idea for the following procedure came from the knowledge that touchpads work on capacitance and they may be affected by stray charge in the palmrest. Support for this hypothesis was given to the author by a Sony support rep., who confirmed that Sony was aware of occasional touchpad reversal caused by faulty mounting of the touchpad.

The following notes detail a procedure for insulating the touchpad from the palmrest to prevent cursor reversal. If you choose to follow these instructions, you are very likely invalidating your warranty; do so at your own risk.

Getting started

Opening the case

Underside of Vaio SZ650

Removing the keyboard

Removing the touchpad

Vaio SZ touchpad assembly

Taping up

Insulation tape applied to palmrest, external view Insulation tape applied to palmrest, after trimming


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